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A recognized expert in tax law, Chaumont Quéré & Associés assists companies and their managers with their legal issues.

Founded in 1999, the firm draws on the expertise and experience of tax attorneys who have worked in major international firms and for the tax authorities to best defend the interests of its clients in a climate of trust and a constant concern for efficiency and legal certainty.

The combination of first-rate legal expertise and an ability to understand the interplay between all aspects of cases, tax or otherwise, is the firm’s trademark, which gives advice and handles litigation.

Accustomed to working on high-stakes projects, for large companies as well as for SMEs and individuals, our attorneys are attentive, available and responsive at all times.


Depending on the complexity of the case, the firm does not hesitate to propose working with other partners in order to pool all the relevant expertise and form a team adapted to its clients’ needs.

In a complex and fluid legal environment, our attorneys work to systematically map risks and opportunities by proposing creative solutions to offer their clients a range of options and support them in their choices. Our billing is always adapted to the added value created for the customer. The firm advocates human values and commitments such as technical skill and responsiveness.

The technical quality requirement is fundamental. This is what enables good customer service and fosters loyalty. High-level recruitment, internal technical meetings, the documentation provided, drafting specialist letters contribute to this requirement for high technical quality.

The firm’s professionals are available at any time for their clients. They are responsive and proactive in managing their assignments and anticipate the impact of their clients’ projects or decisions. They are not just technical experts. Their clients expect solutions. Professionals must therefore be inventive in order to recommend solutions that meet their clients’ needs. This requires good knowledge of business practices, the specific circumstances of each client and its economic and strategic challenges, and the proposal of technically validated and tailor-made plans of action.

Our job is none other than human relations, relations with clients and our colleagues, relations between members of the firm and with administrative staff. Our firm therefore pays particular attention to human qualities, which allows it to present its clients with close-knit and fully integrated teams.

Independence is a fundamental value of Chaumont Quéré & Associés, guarantor of a high quality signature. Its capital belongs only to the partners who work within the firm. Similarly, the firm is committed to not being dependent on one client that accounts for too much of its turnover. It is also in this spirit that the firm is careful to avoid any potential conflict of interest. The firm aims to take part in the profession’s main forums for reflection and discussion, particularly in the field of tax law. It is therefore a member of:

  • IACF (Institute of Tax Consultants)
  • IFA (International Tax Association)